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 Schedule for June's Holiday Event

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Schedule for June's Holiday Event Empty
PostSubject: Schedule for June's Holiday Event   Schedule for June's Holiday Event EmptyMon Mar 29, 2010 3:28 am

To: All :38:ToPFr3nZ member
Schedule for June’s Holiday Event
[Notice: This event only for :38:ToPFr3nZ member]
→ :38:ToPFr3nZ fight :38:ToPFr3nZ
→Boys with boys
→Girls with girls
→3 mode [Multi/River/Down , Reverse and Gallery(Advanced)]
→Song [Random]
→Boys Top 3 [Fight again with Air , Zhou Da Xia and Gravitation]
→Girls Top 3 [Fight again with 3 lvl 17 song]

→Champion [Devil wing (100 day) x1]
→1st-Runner Up [Pets x1]
→2nd-Runner Up [30days full set yy x1]
→3rd-Runner Up [7days full set yy x1]
→Consolation [3 hour 2x exp x1]

Rules and Condition:
1. Who wants to join this event please tell leader[S2_=|Xiia0FeN] or assistant in charge[/wink:38:XiaoBee] or [=3|Xiia0Lenne|8=].
2. Who disconnected or leave in game calculate as disqualified.
3. Must be in the room before the game start.
4. Date:12 June 2010, Venue: Advanced Server Wan Tan Mee, Time will be updated.
5. Closing date for registering is 1 May 2010.After 1 May,you will unable to registering.
6. Any question may ask leader or assistant in charge.Thank you.

Member that had joined:
1. /wink:38:XiaoBee
2. [Ks]DeathWvp
3. Kafai_________
4. S2_=|XiAo^ZzAi^
5. leon317
6. -[M][A][L][Z]-
7. [S]u|Za|3riC
8. -[Lov3ly]-AnDy
9. S2_=|FoR3v3r|Kai
10. [|ov3]-We|We|]-[

1. [cute]June
2. S2_=|XiiaoY33^^
3. S2_=|Zer0-L|nG-
4. =3|Xiia0Lenne|8=
5. S2^LuVQ|~
6. [b@k@_k@w@ii]
7. Love|BB|
8. =|DeviL=_Xin
[Member's namelist will be updated anytime]

Hope all :38:ToPFr3nZ member can participate in this event.Thank you.


Im Bee

Schedule for June's Holiday Event 20100404120551conew1

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Schedule for June's Holiday Event
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